Fully Ruggedized Toughbooks

There are less expensive notebooks in the market, so why do customers choose Panasonic Toughbooks? Because, usually, when things fall down, they break – however Panasonic’s Fully Ruggedized Toughbooks can withstand a fall from 90 cm without damage. This is due to Panasonic’s years of knowledge and experience of protecting key components which are vulnerable to breakage such as the display and hard drive. The Ruggedized laptops have been developed so they are resistant against water, dust, dirt, heat, humidity and cold temperatures.

Panasonic Toughbooks provide users with an unparalleled level of performance and connectivity in the face of the mobile working environment and all of its hostilities. Panasonic's fully ruggedized notebook PCs are robust enough to handle the inevitable, whilst being convenient and effective enough to use anywhere.

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Built from the ground up as a rugged convertible PC, the Toughbook can be used at all times, even in extreme levels of damp, dust, heat, cold or vibration. The optimized ...[ more ]
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