The Future of Home Entertainment is brighter than ever before!

An LCD TV is a great way to unleash the power of High Definition in your life. Ultra-thin and with viewing angles of up to 170 degrees they make a excellent replacement for your old TV, drastically improving the picture whether you’re watching TV, playing games or even using your PC.

With better durability and energy efficiency than their plasma rivals LCD TV’s are ideal for the demanding user who wants crystal clear picture and sound quality alongside a reliability that will give you peace of mind.

Once you’ve seen HD in action, optimised by an exceptional LCD TV you’ll wonder how you ever coped with your old chunky analogue TV!

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A good intermediate size TV range at great prices, these retain the portability of smaller TVs, while producing a larger size picture for bigger indoor spaces. ...[ more ]
from €209.00 inc.VAT
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The largest LCDs money can buy, these huge screens are big enough for large rooms and public places. These TVs will have plenty of features as well as a razor sharp pictu ...[ more ]
from €599.00 inc.VAT
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